FASTware, the automation control system ...
                                                           ... tailored for you

The FASTware solution provides a modular concept of distributed inputs/outputs (I/O) on a fieldbus network (FASTbus-III) allowing an facilitated implementation as well as a good expansion possibility.

FASTbus-III by its characteristics of automatic configuration (Plug-N-Work), is easy to install and maintain. FASTbus-III is able to manage a great number of I/O, higher than 2000, as well as 1 to 100 axes, this on a maximum distance from 1 to 100m.

The current range of industrial and isolated Input/Output modules  includes: 24Vdc-Digital I/O, Analog I/O in voltage or current mode, Counters, Input probes (temperatures, pressures,…), serial connections and motor interfaces (analog or fully numerical).

The I/O modules are available in two alternatives: to fix on DIN rail or to integrate in a card enclosure unit "FASTbox-III".

In all the cases, the wiring of the I/O is made directly on the modules by means of tension clamp connection system, unplugable.