FASTware, the automation control system ...
                                                           ... tailored for you

The hardware including the software, CYBELEC SA provides the complete solution for controls of industrial automatisms like for the numerical controls.

Workstations integrating the man-machine interface, the computer functioning with the Windows XP operating system and the time real FASTware software.

A broad range of industrial inputs/outputs modules, opto-isolated, using the FASTbus technology (Digital, Analog, Counters, Thermocouples, Brushless Motor interfaces,…).

The use of a standard PC platform and ActiveX components, simplify the integration of third party software.

The FASTware products are used in various applications, such as machining, turning, milling, grinding, polishing, processes of injection, molding machines, packing, transfer machines, robots, production lines, machines with parallel kinematics.